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crime. and police say one of the reasons is because of crime cameras. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo on how retired cops are helping to keep an eye on things. >> i think he just committed the robbery. >> reporter: richmond police caught a young robbery suspect and his accomplices using this video and a detective apprehended suspects who beat a man at this intersection. >> i was able to identify some of the suspects from the video that was captured. >> reporter: the cameras used in both cases are part of richmond police department's closed circuit television system. there are 47 strategically placed cameras in crime hot spots across the city. they have recorded homicides in progress drug deals and stolen cars. >> they are actually mon todd by a group of retired officers that work out of our cctv room back at the police department. >> i think something of interest i can move into it. >> reporter: bill lewis is one of the retired now reinstated officers. >> i think it's great. you can be in one place and you can actually be everywhere at
and killing the 13-year-old fairfield girl. kpix 5 reporter tells us that his life seemed to be unraveling. >> reporter: the murder suspect had grown increasingly violent in recent days according to the restraining order documents obtained by the fairfield daily republic newspaper. he lived with his wife here, one of several homes that were swarming with investigators on friday, but recently moved out, given the fact that he and his wife had separated in december. on january 25, she told the court in an application for a restraining order that she and her husband were in the car headed home when he began describing how a woman he had been trying to date had rejected him. "anthony looked at me and said i don't want to scare you, but i have a knife and a gun and i don't want to die alone." at that point she writes she was so afraid her husband was going to kill her that she jumped out of the car as it was moving and escaped into a nearby shopping center. she wrote, "i believe if i brought him back to the house he would kill me and then kill himself." mrs. jones also wrote of another incident >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> armed and very dangerous. police across california looking for a renegade excop on a murderous rampage. why catching him is proving to be so difficult. >>> billing the boss for all those e-mails and calls you took after work. the lawsuit that could make employers pay up. and rain is back. we'll talk about how much rain has fallen and how long it will stick around. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the l.a. cop on a killing spree is centered in the mountains east of los angeles. the weather could complicate an already very difficult and dangerous search. cbs reporter, edward lawrence, begins our coverage from l.a. edward. >> yeah, elizabeth, but the weather is helping at the moment. there's snow on the ground, so police confirm they found footprints in the snow there around the burned car. they did find, they say, is christopher dorner's car up in big bear. the sheriff department said they followed the footprints. they searched the area and have not found him. there's 125 police officers up there right now who are planning on working through the
sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> the owner of a gun store threatened with his life as residents in one bay area town try to shut it down. >> plus, with the pope announcing his retirement, who will be the next pontiff? one of the front runners would make history. >> it certainly would be dangerous if you had kids around. >> look what officers stumbled upon during a drug raid? an investigator says he has never seen anything like it. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> the opening of a gun store just weeks after the newtown school massacre has sparked an emotional debate over guns and gun sales in one south bay town. it has gotten so ugly, the owner is receiving death threats. kpix5 reporter is live with residents fighting to shut down the store, kit. >> reporter: tonight, the town council voted unanimously to look into ways to impose a moratorium on gun stores and regulate any new ones. as far as the one that opened up a month and a half ago, what's done is done and that one will stay. tonight's town council meeting has ta
.com and see what you're missing. >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> people in mayor gene quan's neighborhood. >>> look what we found in the bay area today. low elevation snowfall. mt. hamilton, a will lot of spots. >> and the bay area city putting the stop on hard liquor licenses. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. her neighbors say they have had enough. tonight,they tell kpix5's kristen ayers if gene quan won't take action, they will. >> quiet as it seems from here, a neighborhood in the oakland hills, is in crisis. >> they completely trashed the house. >> for the first time in 38 years, they were robbed around noon today. a burglar ransacked their home and made off with drawers full of jewelry. >> it's just the typical feeling of being olated and anger. >> i would say the last six months. it feels like it has gotten noticeably worse in this neighborhood. >> evidence of the uptick in burglaries is visible. utility poles are plastered with the faces of burglary suspects caught on camera. >> the group of neighbors that got together felt that
about a 30-minute delay. reporting live from san bruno, ken bastida, kpix 5. >>> right now accident investigators are working a busy intersection in concord. it's where a driver of a car hit a 14-year-old boy and he is in critical condition. we are told the driver is cooperating with police. it happened at 1:30 this afternoon at solano way and grant street. police say westbound solano way is going to be closed for another hour while the investigation continues. >>> pope benedict xvi is doing something that hasn't been done in 600 years, resign. his decision to step down at the end of this month has stunned catholics around the world. >> i have to be honest, i'm as shocked and as startled as all of you. >> 85-year-old pontiff says he will step down after nearly 7 years as pope because he is simply too old to carry on. in a statement, he said, quote, my strength due to the advanced age no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry and now the catholic church is faced with finding a replacement in the middle of one of the
be getting a multi-million dollar makeover. kpix 5 reporter phil matier shows us the plans to break up a bart bottleneck. >> reporter: bart is growing around the nine bay area counties but here in downtown san francisco is where they are really feeling the pinch. here's the story. for years, bart ridership has been growing to the point where now 400,000 riders daily use the commuting system and nowhere is that felt more strongly than at the embarcadero and montgomery street stations in san francisco. >> 40% of our trips each day either begin at embarcadero or montgomery. >> reporter: the biggest problem is getting the riders on and off the trains at rush hour without backing up the whole system. and that's why bart is laying tracks for this massive expansion with new underground platforms on both side of the trains complete with sliding glass doors. so that we would -- you would load on to this train from here and on that side as well? >> either that or you could -- everyone loads this way and exits the other way. it's much more fast and smooth. >
, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. >>> this is kpix5 news. >>> a shootout between officers and the ex l.a. cop on the run. an exclusive look on the firing lines as a cbs reporter gives us the play by play. the cabin goes up in flames. >> good evening on this special edition of kpix5 news, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. it looks like it's finally over. fugitive excop, christopher dorner is dead. his body is inside a burned out cabin near big bear. cbs reporter, teresa garcia is near big bear with what the end of a dramatic day. teresa. >> reporter: it is expected to take several hours, if not days to process all of the evidence. investigators are saying they still need to confirm whether the body inside is indeed that of the suspect, christopher dorner, and cbs law enforcement sources are telling us there is a body inside that cabin, which burned for at least two hours. sources tell cbs news that they believe christopher dorner's body is inside a cabin. but los angeles police say it is still too hot to go inside to confirm hi
you. kpix 5 will air the address this evening at 6 p.m. followed a special edition of kpix 5 news at 7:30. >>> the senate armed services committee is meeting right now getting ready to vote on chuck hagel president obama's nominee for secretary of defense. the former senator from nebraska is a republican but he has been criticized by members of his own party for comments he made on israel as well as his past opposition of sanctions against iran. if the economy approves him, his nomination would then need a full senate vote. >>> condemnationof thnuclear test by north korea. china summoned north korea's ambassador for objection. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: diplomats arrived at the united nations for a closed-door emergency meeting. they are discussing how to respond to north korea's announcement that it has tested another nuclear bomb. it happenedatunderground lity last night. the type of device has not been confirmed. u.s. officials say there are indications that northa is planning to test another bomb knowing that a punishment from the u.n.
access group at wgbh >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> two police officers shot and killed. just minutes ago, we learned their identities. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. responding to a call when they were shot and killed this afternoon. a short time later, the suspect died in a barrage of police gunfire nearby. tonight, we're learning more about him and the murdered officers. a news conference just wrapped up a few minutes ago. kpix5's kit doe was there. kit. >> the press conference ended ten minutes ago. he said sometime around 3:30 today, two santa cruz police detectives were conducting a followup investigation and then they started talking to a man by the name of jeremy. they don't know what happened, but he pulled out a gun and killed both officers outside of the home. the officers were able to call for help. neighbors called for help and that's when authorities started arriving on scene. he fled the scene, officers went into an active shooter mode where they start looking for him. they made contact with him, they say he opened fire, they retu
are welding trying to clean up some of that mess from today. kpix 5's linda yee is on treasure island. she has a pretty good view of what happened. linda. >> reporter: yes, i did, allen. what they have done now is removed most of the wreckage but what that crane operator was doing was removing a section of that temporary support. that's the iron work that you see right under the new part of the span. what they were doing, that crane sits on a barge and it had a chunk of that iron work when suddenly it fell over. a witness captured these pictures just as the crane fell. first you see the crane tipping over. in the second image it's gone a twisted heap of metal resting on the barge. it fell as it was removing the temporary support under the new section of the bridge. >> shocking. it's like wow, what's going on? >> reporter: the marina manager heard a frightening grinding sound. >> just kept going. and by the time i turned around, i noticed one of the cranes was gone and the scaffolding was hanging up on top and it fell on the barge. >> reporter: t
. on treasure island. anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> several cars? a building were damaged by -- and a building were damaged by flames in pacifica at an auto towing yard. by the time if firefighters got to the fire this morning it had spread from cars to an outbuilding. fire officials say it was windy at the time and that made the fire difficult to put out. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> its has been less than a week since fugitive cop killer chris dorner died in a standoff and now the resort area is getting back to normal. cbs reporter louisa hodge has more from big bear. >> it's done and we can come up and hang and not feel threatened. >> we were actually going to come last weekend and we saw how dorner was up here and we came this weekend instead. >> reporter: while a feeling of safety returned to the mountain community, the week's events are still on the minds of many. a steady stream of people stopped in to take a look at the burned out cabin where investigators say christopher dorner took his life. after that gun b
student yesterday. kpix's 5 elissa harrington has more on the attack there happened in broad daylight. >> reporter: it was along this path to science hill that a 21- year-old was raped yesterday while visiting the school. >> that's really scary because i pass that street every other day and see people walking along by themselves >> the awe talk happened around 12:00 of in the afternoon. the woman said she was -- 12:30 in the afternoon. jim burns, spokesman says random attacks are rare here >> shocking. it's not to suggest that crime doesn't occur on our campus. it's just that this is not the norm. >> this is the second attack linked to uc santa cruz in a week. a student was shot in the head while waiting for a bus off campus. >> often i am biomass. i might reconsider -- by myself. i definitely might reconsider. >> i definitely will not return through here with my ipod on. >> all students and staff were alerted of the attack. burns says there are extra patrols on campus today and advise the student to play it safe. walk in pairs, carry a cell phone
. ♪ new repair & protect from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> it's unfortunately that i had to lose him like that. >> family and friends reeling after an oakland rapper dies in a shooting. how the father of three is being mourned and the latest on the search for his killer live from the scene. >>> his first night on freedom after nearly seven years behind bars. how some bay area students helped free an innocent man. >> don't get involved, and i don't really want to get involved. >> and offduty when duty calls. a south bay police officer steps in to stop a crime. why he was in such a hurry to leave the scene. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. it was a violent scene no one could quite comprehend. a shooting and fiery crash that took the lives of three people, including an aspiring rap artist. new at 10:00, kpix5's kristen ayers shows us, friends and family gathered at a memorial for kenny. >> it is hitting me hard, that was like my little brother. >> candles line the street along the border where kenneth cherry grew up.
. >> all right. thank you for that. >>> kpix 5 continues our police kovshlg with more on the police officers who died today. mark. >> well, the santa cruz police department only has about 100 sworn officer sos the loss of two of them is devastating for this department and for this community. >> it is with deep, deep sadness that i stand before you this evening. >> santa cruz police chief kevin vogel's voice trembled as he announced the name of his fallen officers. >> killed in the line of duty today were detectives sergeant lauren baker. >> which was a 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. haefs long-time friend of mine, a mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters and a swhon actually works for my department as a community service officer. also killed in the line of duty today was detective elizabeth butler. elizabeth is a ten-year veteran of the sant police department she leaves behind her partner peter and her two young boys. >> at the police department residents came to pay their respects with a memorial of candles, flowers and casheds. bill was one of to the.
fiance. we have live coverage of the developing story on our website, and stay with kpix 5 and cbs news for the very latest in the manhunt for christopher dorner. >>> well, certainly the other big story tonight, for all intents and purposes, president obama's second term begins in about one hour. that's when he will deliver his state of the union address. giving us an idea of his agenda for the next four years and the resistance on capitol hill. >> mr. president! >> we'll find out tonight. >> reporter: no hints from the man himself but it's clear that tonight's speech will focus primarily on improving the economy and creating jobs. >> everyone will see that if we work together that we really will have a robust future. we can build the middle class. >> reporter: on the opposite side of the aisle it's an appetite for deficit reduction and spending cuts. >> a second term offers a second chance. and if the president wants to regain the credibility he has lost over the last four years on each of these issues, he will start tonight. >> reporter:
francisco, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >>> a bay area couple who went on the bike ride of a lifetime in south america hasn't been heard from a month. jamie neal and her boyfriend garrett hand left in november for a cycling trek across peru, chilean argentina. they are ave. vic bicyclists and he works at a bike shop in el sobrante. they had been keeping in touch with friends and family through facebook. but it's been a month since they posted anything. they were believed to be headed for lima, peru. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25th. so to me, anything could have happened since then, you know? i hope that she is just having a blast. >> jamie's coworkers at the peddle ar bike shop are setting up a fund to raise money and have put up flyers. >>> a mysterious email a $1 million reward and now a person of interest in a coal case murder that's a decade old. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is live in hillsborough with the latest into the investigation of the 2004 killing of a bay area realtor. >> reporter: liz, authorities say now they do ha
of voters favor letting them become citizens under certain conditions. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington on why this change of heart. elissa. >> reporter: hi, allen. this is the most support for a plan like this in the 7 years the field poll has been keeping track. >> every day i worry about my mom. >> reporter: her mother came to the united states from mexico more than 20 years ago but she is still an illegal worker. we met her in san francisco says she constantly fears her mom might be deported. >> she apparently can't get no license, any of that so we just have been driving a car and everything is always risky. >> reporter: her mother is among 11 million immigrants here illegally in the united states today. a new field poll shows overwhelming support to give legal status to people like her. 90% of californians back a path to citizenship. this favors letting immigrants who have lived here for a long time stay and become citizens if they have a job, learn english and pay taxes. >> today's poll shows overwhelming support from californians for immigra
cities. kpix 5 linda yee joins us with their bright idea. >> yes, but it turned out to be not so good. and they also picked some of the streets and the neighborhoods where there is a main artery, that proved to be a problem. 900 street lights were turned off saving the city nearly $100,000 a year in energy bills. but when darkness fell, some people felt there were prisoners in their own neighborhood. >> it is kind of scary because you can't always see what's going on. and because we are, you know, we don't want to be too far from the house because it was dark. >> reporter: the blackout caused problems. >> we have seen a rise in graffiti in certain areas. a lot of property crime. one thing that the streets are relying on is streets from the property. it's not acceptable. we need street lights to get turned back on. >> reporter: they will eventually bring all the lights back on. they will be fazed in at around it 00 -- 200 lights a moh. >> we have a rising crime problem. we need to do everything we can to put a damper on it and turning lights on is the simplest way to start. >> reporter
and today kpix 5 reporter da lin spoke to kevin's mother and gets her reaction to why it took police so long to name a suspect. >> over the years i have always said. i don't know who to be angry at. i don't know who. >> reporter: she now knows who to be angry at. she believes this man kidnapped and killed her son kevin collins 29 years ago. >> we might not get the answers and we don't have a burial for kevin. >> reporter: ann doesn't recognize the man but saying looking at his mugshot brings back all the pain and emotions of losing 10-year-old kevin who was last seen leaving basketball practice at a san francisco school. >> it's appointing he got away with this all these years. >> reporter: police say the man had a history of kidnapping and sexual assaults against boys. and he lived near where kevin disappeared in 1984. detectives say the main reason why it took them so long to connect the dots on this man was because he had five different identities. san francisco police say he died of natural causes five years ago. >> i'm not thrilled he died with
boat. it happened in raccoon strait between tiburon and angel island around 4:30 this afternoon. kpix 5's don knapp tells us the ferry wasn't heavily damaged and went back into service. don? >> reporter: the ms san francisco remaps tied up here at the -- remains tied up here at the ferry terminal in san francisco. we see doors open and we see people on board presumably the investigation continues. they're trying to determine what might have happened on the bay and who's at fault. at about 8:15 we watched several coast guard personnel leave the ms san francisco presumably after they concluded at least part of their investigation. here's what we know about the accident so far. around 4:30 this afternoon on the side of raccoon straits this ferry the san francisco was struck by a 22-foot pleasure boat as the ferry was headed from sausalito to san francisco. while none of the 500 passengers on the ferry were injured. two people on board the smaller boat were apparently seriously hurt. emergency medical personnel worked on the victims and the damaged boat as it headed for tiburon. there, they
in oakland, kpix- 5. >>> there is now a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of that ex-la cop. the cbs reporter, lawrence, a new push to find christopher dorner. >> for the first time since the murder started in southern california. a reward is offered for the capture of christopher dorner. >> this group, led by my ofz is posting a reward of $1 million for in-- my office is posting a reward of $1 million for information that he'ds to his capture. >>> he murdered three people in revenge for being fired in 2008. in a manifesto he claims he was fired for accessive force. the police chief said he reopened the investigation into that claim and agreed to aubg to dorner about it. >> if he was to give himself up we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: in big bear, california, the police scaled back the search for him in the snow. the last clue the investigators have of his whereabouts was thursday when officers found his burned pick up truck. >> the search shifted to rely on information found during the investigation
to determine exactly how it started. on treasure island. anne makovec kpix 5. >>> several cars were damaged by flames at an auto towing yard in pacifica. by the time firefighters got to the fire on palmetto avenue this morning it had spread from cars to an outbuilding. it was windy at the time and that made the fire difficult to put out. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> well, the bright light seen streaking across the bay area sky last night was a sporadic meteor. that's a confirmation tonight from the american meteor society. it was captured on a camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle. meteor experts say fireballs happen every night all around the world. this one just happened to be spotted here in the bay area. [ sirens ] >>> that fireball was nowhere the size of the one that slammed into russia friday morning. local time. that one was a 7,000-pound chunk of space rock. that hurtled into the ground at 40,000 miles an hour. it caused significant damage and more than 1,000 people were injured. >>> now as cbs
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> developing news out of las vegas. the suv wanted in connection with a movie style crash has been located and impounded for evidence. good evening, that suv was located late this afternoon, just blocks from where the scene of deadly violence took place early thursday morning. reaction from the father of the oakland rapper who was killed. don. >> the suv police have been looking for has been found in a complex. an apartment complex not far from where the shooting occurred. the father of the aspiring rapper speaks out. >> when it was last seen speeding from a spectacular shooting and crash scene that left three people dead. police say the suv was used as a get away car that produced a chain reaction crash. aspiring rapper, kenneth wayne cherry, jr., who went by the name of cherry clutch, was peppered with gunfire. crashed into a taxi, killing the driver and a passenger. all three deaths are considered homicides. las vegas police say they are looking for this man, 29-year- old amar harris in connection with the shooting. an officer sa
on 27th street. kpix 5 reporter da lin with more on the unsettling crime. >> reporter: the attack shocked people because this is typically a quiet and safe area. take a look where we're standing, near the victim's house. the attack happened around 11:00. >> they said help, called for help three times, sounded like a man. >> reporter: neighbors say the screams came from the top unit of this screened duplex in san francisco's quiet noe valley neighborhood. >> more of a gaspy help. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend came out of their house and saw a teenager running away from the greenhouse. >> a teenager, he was running up the street, when he saw me he stopped running. he was looking back at a car that was driving by. he just look up to no good. >> reporter: police believe that and two other teens broke into the house with a hatchet that looked like this. they say the three robbers attacked a 69-year-old man in bed sleeping at the time. they then tied him up and ransacked the house a short time later. police say a 58-year-old roommate came hom
legislation, a ban on the bullet button. senator yee took up the cause after watching a kpix 5 report on the loophole in the law which allows the tip of a bullet to be used to quickly detach magazines on high powered rifles. in an exclusive one on one interview today, senator yee told us earlier threats were taken seriously, but none was as specific and scary as this one. >> not only, you know, for myself, but for my staff and, you know, for my family, because you don't know where it's going to come from and who knows who is standing next to you, who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet. so it's pretty frightening. >> coming up at 6:00, more on why senator yee says this threat on his life is a perfect example of why his assault weapons ban is needed. >>> developing news in the east bay. investigators spent the day combing a schoolyard for evidence in a murder case. the victim, a rising football star shot while hanging out with friends at hillside elementary school in san leandro. kpix 5's da lin talked with the mom who hear
went wrong. . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> call 911. >>> his own camera captured the parachute accident that nearly killed him. >> i put my trust and i put my life on the line tonight why other sky divers blame him for what went wrong: gooevending. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken. nobody saw this coming. a nasty backlash against the man you just saw there. kpix 5's allen martin told us the sky diver's story last week. tonight allen tells us the man who almost died is now getting hate mail. >> it happened last summer on gerardo flores's 30th jump. seconds after leaving the plane his parachute deployed early and according to an investigation improperly. >> they actually locked the parachute in a big spin like a funnel and you start dropping. >> the tail spin lasted 20 mntz during which flor,s spaszed out. his camera captured the entire fall. minutes after our story aired irate comments in all blaming him for the accident. the comments were vicious. i am very disappointed that you are still alive said one. you were rewarded with pain. stay out of my sky said another. >> could h
bastida. . >>> kpix 5 news. >>> this is the darkest day. >> two officers shot and killed in the line of duty. >> heard another round of 40 to #50 area gunshots. >> tonight new details about the officers, the suspects and what led toth deadly ambush. >> good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken batistita. two plain clothes detectives shot and killed this afternoon. a short time later and few blocks away the suspect was killed in a shootout with other mrifshs. tonight we have team coverage beginning with kpix 5's kip doe who was the first bay area reporter on the scene in santa cruz. kit. we've got just a couple officer and deputies let left here on the scene. all the swat team offices have left for the day. we're learning mb about what went down in terms of the shootout. they say when they caught up with thim after the initial shooting when the officers were killed they say the suspect opened fire first. they returned fire and killed him in a hail of gunfire. we're also learning from a friend the suspect was feeling depresed late di and said if he was going down, he was going do
of successor should be chosen. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran talked today with parishioners and clergy. >>> reporter: many parishioners coming to st. mary's cathedral were hearing the news for the first time. >> is the pope saying this is the best decision he has made? i think this -- i don't know. this is a major decision i would say he has made. i would want to stand by him. >> reporter: the move comes two days before lent, the holiest time of the year for catholics. some parishioners say it's poorly timed. >> it's a matter of, you know, if he have the strength to go on, then stay on. >> reporter: 89-year-old pope benedict made it clear in the past he would step down if he couldn't do the job. the san francisco archdiocese agrees with his move. >> this is an act of boldness on the part of this pope and also and act of great humility. i think he recognizes that if he cannot handle the job because of his health and his strength levels, that it's better to let go. >> reporter: religious leaders say there could be talks of selecting a pope from a third
's never had any gun stores before. kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us there have been death threats. kiet? >> reporter: the gun store folks asked for extra security and they got it tonight, with three officers guarding over this meeting. tonight, the town council voted unanimously to look into ways to impose a moratorium on future gun stores. as far as the one that opened five weeks ago, what's done is done, and that will stay. tonight's los gatos town hall meeting has taken on a whole new caliber of urgency. police officers are providing extra security off store owner, robert chang, got a death threat last week. >> we're always grateful for law enforcement to step in. >> reporter: los gatos doesn't have any laws restricting gun stores, so staff simply approved the business license last summer. council members say staff should have alerted them about the gun store right away. >> i'm hoping in the future that our staff will inform us a little sooner about these issues coming forward. >> reporter: the gun store carries fishing and hunting gear
? the answer is almost everybody. kpix 5's cate caugiran is at the bay bridge with the study that finds we have some of the worst traffic jams in all of america. you're preaching to the choir. good morning, cate. >> reporter: this is not something we want to hear. the report from texas a & m transportation institute found the average american wasted about $818 by sitting in traffic in 2011. now, if you add that up collectively, the report found in 2011 commuters wasted $121 billion in time and gas. the report also says computers are sitting in more traffic but in addition to that, we're building extra time in our schedules for that time wasted. on average americans gave themselves an hour for a 20- minute drive without traffic. the question is, where's the worst commute in the country? take a look. the study listed washington, d.c. as the top city, then l.a. and the bay area tied for second, new york city was fourth and then boston was fifth. the study found with more hours sitting in traffic came more carbon dioxide in 2011. there was 56 billion pounds o
about a half hour ago. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in our newsroom and cate, i guess some don't agree. right? >> reporter: that's right, frank. the asteroid though as you said passed by earth a little over half hour ago and nasa says it's the closest one of its kind to approach our planet. we did a little digging to get more information on it. it's known as 2012-d.a. 14. the asteroid is 150 feet and destined for earth's backyard. experts say this is not to be confused with russia's meteor. >> the european space agency has run the videotape backwards tracing the trajectory of this object and it doesn't seem to have a direct relationship between d.a.-14. >> reporter: before you start recalling 1998's film "armageddon," think again. it's not going to impact earth. >> we can say with great confidence there is no chance of it hitting the earth. >> reporter: as far as asteroids go, this is a little one. the one that wiped out dinosaurs was six miles across. nasa says the asteroid will miss us by 17,200 miles. to put that in perspective, that's c
-day delivery schedule by the end of the summer. but as kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us, even that may not be enough. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service delivered the mail under all conditions for the last 150 years. but it no longer has the money to keep delivering on saturdays. the postmaster general announced the cost-cutting schedule change this morning. >> our move to five-day mail delivery also reflects a changing market demand and we are not in a position where we can continue to maintain six- day delivery. >> reporter: starting august 1, letter carriers will no longer deliver first class mail on saturdays. but not all saturday services are ending. packages, mail order medicines, priority and express mail will still go to homes and businesses and post offices will keep their saturday hours. the postal service says its research shows most americans support the change. >> i think that's fine. i usually use the postal service weekdays and it won't affect me. >> for budget purposes, i believe that's the right thing to do if they are ha
further. captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> can't trust the police to solve crimes. some people in one local community is playing the role of detectives themselves. plus, more questions than answers about a family lost at sea. search crews can't find a shred of evidence off the california coast. and a bald eagle flies the coop. how the zoo knew she would find her way home. >>> i'm elizabeth cook. >> here's how bad oakland's crime problem has gotten. some people aren't even bothering to call police anymore. instead, they are trying to solve their own cases. that's right. kpix5's kristen ayers on the every day people now playing detective. >> reporter: it's 7:00 and half a dozen neighbors are walking the streets. never has it seemed more necessary than now. one home was burglarized twice in 24 hours. once while this woman's nephew was inside. >> he was on with 911 when the men tried to kick into his room. >> surveillance cameras captured these images of three men casing the place moments before the home was ransacked. one of 25 h
level. on yerba buena island, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> a bay area couple reported missing in peru was seen recently. video on peruvian tv shows jamie neal and garrett hand on a bus to lima last month. they left in november last year to take a cycling trip in south america. they were keeping in touch with friends and family on facebook but the last messages were more than a month ago. last night, kpix 5 talked with the operator of a hostel in northeastern peru and she told us that the couple stayed at her hostel twice and that they were there as recently as february 16. she thinks they might still in the area on a spiritual retreat. meanwhile, the families want answers. >> somebody knows where garrett and jamie neal are, someone is with them somewhere. so we need them to call us. we need them to come home. >> the family recently posted on facebook that there's still been no financial activity, no social media activity, and no communication at all from the couple. but they say they are holding out hope. >>> an oyster farm in the point reyes nati
told kpix 5 they plan to address sick leave/overtime issue through labor negotiations. >> any business like b.a.r.t, anywhere you go, you will find that there are overtime costs. it is a part of the business. b.a.r.t knows that. >> reporter: so, maybe this is the ramp up to contentious labor negotiations. the union does say it is hoping it can ratify the contract by june 30th, but elizabeth we're just going to have to see how this issue plays out. >> a lot of things to discuss. ann, thank you. >>> we told you there would be changes. as we look live into the city they are happening as we speak. paul deann o has more. >> reporter: hillberg, st. helena, you will see showers. for this evening andover night, scatter evidence showers. the stead your stuff will make it here in time for the morning commute. tomorrow at 1:00, livermore, redwood city, san jose getting moderate rainfall. snow levels are going to drop. if you near live st. helena, don't be surprised if you see light at the top of these mountains. the snow level will reichly drop down to
vegas strip. the results, a fiery crash involving several vehicles and three people are dead. kpix 5 has learned that the man shot and killed in the maserati was an aspiring rapper from oakland. take a listen. ♪ [ music ]♪ this is youtube of him performing in his maserati on the las vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. his father kenneth cherry senior confirms the death and says the family is devastated. his friends and family have been posted message online that read, rest in peace. >>> cbs reporter edward lawrence in las vegas with new information on what started this whole thing. edward. >> reporter: allen, first the coroner is here and removed the body of the victims involved in this. this intersection has been closed since 4:30 this morning. this is flamingo road and las vegas boulevard one of the busiest intersections on the west coast. the three bodies have been removed and police are continuing their investigation to find the person responsible for this. these are the smashed up remains after a deadly shooting on the las vegas
old disappearance of the 10-year-old boy. kpix 5 reporter phil matier tells us investigators suspected him from the start. >> reporter: but he proved to be a very elusive character even though his history would have put him in the spotlight from the beginning. >> reporter: at the time he was known as wayne jackson but the man in the spotlight now for the abduction of kevin collins 30 years ago went by many names before dying of natural causes in the sunset in san francisco in 2008. >> this case is a case that haunts the san rancisco police department and the city and has pretty much throughout the entire careers of everybody that's standing here. >> reporter: a fresh look at the crime by the cold case unit let to the searched of his old haight district home last week where jackson and his roommate lived just blocks away from where 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared on the way home from basketball practice in 1984. jackson was a suspect in part because three years earlier, he had spent six months in jail for lewd acts on a 7-year-old at f
always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ -- captions by vitac -- >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> a week long murder mystery solved. police arrest a man accused of killing a teen and leaving her body in a park. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. joe vasquez has new details about that man. joe. >> reporter: ken, just as a community gathered to grieve here at this memorial, we've learned some more information about the suspect, 32-year-old anthony lamar jones. according to the sheriff's department, he now faces charges of murder, kidnapping, and rape. they came from all over northern california. fairfield where 13-year-old janelle conaway was murdered. where she lived with her foster family, vallejo where she used to live with her natural mom. josh allen is her birth father. >> what do you want to say to this guy who did this? >> you know, i mean, he'll get what he deserves. >> 500 people lit candles and said a prayer at the site where janelle's naked body was discovered just one week ago. just a few hours after cops announced an arrest. >> no answe
gunfire for some time. >> now kpix 5 reporter david jackson is in southern california tonight. he'll have the latest in the live report at 11:00. >>> let's set party interest aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise invest. s in our future. >> the other big story tonight president obama gives his fourth state of the union speech, and he lays out his plans for his second term in office. kpix reporter tells us he wants to increase the federal management to -- or the -- the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. that'll bring a lot more troops home from afghanistan and wants to put more limits on guns. >> there's a speaker. >> in his first state of the union address of his second term the president focussed on the middle klass and millions of americans still looking for work and challenged congress to cut out the partisanship and help them. >> the american people have worked too hard for too long rebuilding from one crisis to see their elected officials cause another. >> the president emphasized his economic recovery program will not add toth defic
♪ and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess ♪ >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> up in the sky, a bird, a plane? nope! another light streaking across our sky. this time in the bay area. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. as the sky lit up, so did our phones, e-mails and twitter posts came pouring in, about a streak of light over the bay area tonight. kpix 5's david jackson saw it with his own eyes. he'll describe it in a minute. but first, christin ayers talked to astronomers tonight. christin? >> reporter: that's right. scientists tell me tonight that the streak they saw across the sky was like lie what's called a small sporadic meteor. that means it was not part of a larger meteor shower. report started coming in at 7:42 this evening. people calling in at kpix 5 to tell us they saw it. the american meteor society had at least 20 reports on it website. and they said it was seen all across the west coast, from seattle all the way down to big sur. lots of those reports pouring in all evening. astronomers are telling us thes
. kpix 5 reporter linda yee on how bay area cops describe the ex-cop's rampage as their worst nightmare. linda? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, every officer up and down the state has gotten that blue alert, a so-called blue alert, meaning be on the lookout because every cop now is a potential target. the blue alert is on highway signs warning police an officer has already been shot and killed. >> this guy is a walking critical incident. >> reporter: san francisco police chief greg suhr says all patrol officers are on notice. be on the lookout for former lapd officer christopher dorner and everyone is under orders to follow specific protocol if they spot him. >> what we did first thing this morning was remade sure that his picture was in every, single stationhouse, photocopied to the point where it's in every, single police car and should the officer see him, we're to establish a perimeter, not to even approach him. >> reporter: the case is specially tough for cops who may have to confront a former officer who has crossed the line. >> to do
. thrive. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> new clues from peru about bay area couple who vanished there. what we've just learned. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. their families haven't heard from them in a month. but just a couple of hours ago, we spoke to someone in peru. kpix 5's joe vazquez is here with this new information tonight. joe? >> reporter: ken, six months of a journey here. they've been tweeting, facebooking, and now nothing. well, our reporting led us down to the amazon rain forest. we talked to someone in a town. a woman claims she last saw them about nine days ago. these are the last-known images of an oakland couple on the adventure of a lifetime. bicycling in south america. but now believed by their families to be lost. peruvian tv shows them taking a bus, arriving in lima. now, kpix 5 has learned the couple was spotted as recently as last week. belinda is the proprietor at a boarding house in the town of ekitos. she told us by phone that she has met the couple, even had a long talk with garrett
. as kpix 5's len ramirez tells us, a crowd is about to make its way from the community center to the police station. len. >> reporter: that's exactly right, elizabeth. the crowd was supposed to be meeting here at about this hour. but so many people wanted to come that they moved it to the community center at the nelson community center a couple of blocks away. as you can see, this front plaza to the police department continues to be something of a community hub as people from all walks of life come to lay flowers, light a candle, say some prayers for the first officers killed in the line of duty in the long history of the santa cruz pd. >> we're having a tough time with this. we have never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: surrounded by fellow law enforcement chiefs, some visibly shaken and filled with emotion, santa cruz police chief kevin vogel struggled for the words to describe his department's loss, the city's first-ever officers killed in the line of duty. >> today we mourn the loss of our brother butch and our sister eliza
america. >> reporter: senator yee wrote his bill after he watched a kpix 5 report showing how the bullet button allows the quick replacement of a clip on an ar- 15 type rifle even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. he says the earlier threats were also taken seriously but none as specific and scary as this one. >> not only for myself but for my staff and for my family because you don't know where it's going to come from and who knows who is standing next to you who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet so it's frightening. >> reporter: as for his gun control bill, it has gained moment in the aftermath of the abrejct movie of the aurora shooting and newtown. >> i think what's sad is how so many individuals think they can solve problems by just simply killing individuals that you would think that that kind of mentality doesn't happen anymore in a civilized society like ours. but unfortunately, still going on. >> just last week senator yee joined other lawmakers to
after a violent incident happened last night. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in vallejo this morning with what we know so far. >> reporter: good morning. the victim has only been identified as a man in his 20s. he and another man were found suffering from gunshot wounds inside of that garage on the 800 block of humboldt street. police were first called out here last night around 8:30 after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. police arrived to find two gunshot victims on the ground inside of the garage. they were taken to the hospital where one of them died. police say that there were actually five people shot here total. three others two men and one woman drove themselves to the hospital. >> everything right now is in the preliminary stages of the investigation. unknown as to who the suspect victims are, whatever transpired here. and what we're doing right now is trying to piece everything together. >> reporter: police have not released a motive behind the shooting and say they don't know who lives at that home. although they have r
'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> you know, having sailed i owned a sailboat this thing about no personal flotation devices for everybody on board? there's no way a responsible sailor goes out -- especially two small children on board?! >> reporter: you're absolutely right about that. you're talking about 65 miles -- this would be a sailboat in transit. this would be coming up from the coast or, you know, who knows where but that's -- that's far offshore. you would have at least life preservers, life jackets, on board. you would also probably have an e-purb, if the boat goes in the water, that automatically signals a satellite beacon where you can be tracked within minutes. no device has gone off. they are suspicious about the whole situation right now am but they say they will continue to search through the night. >> all right. let's hope for the best. ken, thanks so much. >>> family and friends of a bay area couple believed to be missing in south america are frantically trying to locate them. jamie neal and her boyfriend garrett hand left in novembe
the school saying his firing was unfair. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom with more on the lawsuit. >> reporter: michelle, i spoke with chris cerbone's attorney who says this is a classic whistle-blower retaliation. a lawsuit is filed and now it's up to a jury to decide. chris cerbone was a head football coach. he said players told him about sexual hazing between teammates. >> chris learned of activity that he believed reasonably was illegal. he reported it to the proper authorities. and he got punished as a result. that's exactly what california law prohibits. >> reporter: after an investigation into these claims was complete, all other coaches suspended with cerbone were reinstated. he and his attorney believe cerbone was the scapegoat in this situation. cerbone says school leaders told him he was responsible for the students' actions. his attorney says that's not the case. >> we believe that ultimately, it was the dean of students, it was the principal, it was the senior administrative staff that was responsible for supervis
, of course, there is no room in that decision for compromise. reporting live in san francisco, kpix-5. >>> investigators are trying to figure out who is at fault in a crash between a motorboat and a golden gate ferry. it happened yesterday afternoon in raccoon strait. kpix-5 found people in the community not surprised by the accident. >> reporter: the ferries are running again after an accident that left a lot of people wondering -- >> how did this happen? >> investigators are trying to figure that out and people were hurt after their motorboat collided with the ms san francisco ferry saturday afternoon. >> we have some initial things coming in. can not release coming official until the entire investigation is complete, unfortunately. >> reporter: but on the shores where the ferry departed 10 minutes before the collision, safety is in question. >> watching the ferry coming in and all of the rowers coming in front of them. what are they thinking. >> we are speaking with avid boaters saying they are surprised this kind of thing does not happen more
blood infection isn't a 17-year-old boy to the hospital in the north bay. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec with the health warning sent to petaluma high school families. >> it's very scary for all of us, for parents, students, but really appears that this is an isolated case. >> reporter: a case of a highly contagious blood infection caused by a bacteria that can also cause meningitis. a student at petaluma high school 17-year-old christopher swain started feeling sick on saturday and collapsed from exhaustion. he has been in the hospital ever since. >> i cried for quite a long time because he is one of my very, very close friends. it was just really crazy for him because he's one of the last people that i would expect to end up like this. >> reporter: soon after they found out, school officials sent a robo call to all parents explaining the situation telling them where to find more information and what to do if they expect their child is exposed. a blood infection is spread mainly through saliva or close contact with coughs or sneezes. >> we hav
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